The Women’s Ordination Conference says “Ordain a Lady”

I know, I know, we’re all sick of “Call Me Maybe” parodies. But this one is about the need to reform the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests, deacons, and bishops. Warning: the use of dancing Catholic schoolgirls in this video will probably make you want to watch the “Baby One More Time” video and dance around your office. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

h/t Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

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  • John

    I grew up Catholic and probably technically still am as I haven’t officially left the Church or been ex-communicated, or adopted a different religion. I don’t have a problem with the Church having only male priests. I was told that it was because Jesus only had male apostles. I’m not going to get into a theological debate as that has little to do with it. If that’s what they choose to believe that is their right as anyone who chooses not to believe it is free to join or create whatever church they desire.

    I have a bigger problem with churches that allow women to be priests, but not bishops, cardinals, etc. What justification is there for that? On the other hand no one is telling Wiccans (at least to my knowledge) that there is nothing wrong with women priests and male priestesses or with two priests or two priestesses.