2012 brought second highest number of abortion restrictions ever

The Guttmacher Institute is reporting that 2012 saw the second highest number of abortion restrictions (43 in 19 states) ever. The scary thing is that this is better than 2011, when a record-breaking 92 abortion restrictions were enacted. Check out this scary graph, which shows the dangerous tendency towards taking away reproductive rights. We’ve really regressed. Let’s hope this year rings in fewer, and not more, abortion restrictions.

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    We have to start taking the marketing of this issue seriously. 77% of Americans think abortion should be legal in some cases but 52% call themselves pro-life. Why? Because choice is a weak word; it’s what we use when ordering dinner or picking out a shirt. We need to drop the pro-choice banner. Republicans for all their faults understand that they have to market their ideas to the masses in short, easy to say/spell words even a five year old can related to. So what should we use instead of choice? bodily autonomy. Any 5 year old can understand “mine” That image has power. That image resonates with American culture. While I’m not a marketing professional, selling is down to a science these days, we can get our message re-packaged for this era. Gay marriage has made dramatic strides thanks to getting the message out using great advertising. I am sure we have some feminists who are marketing professionals that come up with the perfect slogans that will get that 77% voting not just against these restrictions but for permant abortion protection laws.

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