Marco Rubio: Homosexuality’s a sin but I’m totally not judging

That’s basically the political equivalent of, “no offence, but you look like absolute shit.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio sat down with Politico’s Mike Allen this week, and Allen asked the Senator if he thinks that homosexuality is a sin. Surprise: Rubio thinks it is! But don’t worry, sinners, he’s totally not judging you for it.

Via ThinkProgress:

ALLEN: Is homosexuality a sin?

RUBIO: Well, I can tell you what faith teaches and faith teaches that it is. And that’s what the Bible teaches and that’s what faith teaches. But it also teaches that there area bunch of other sins that are no less. For example, it teaches that lying is a sin. It teaches that disrespecting your parents is a sin. It teaches that stealing is a sin. It teaches that coveting your neighbor and what your neighbor has is a sin. So there isn’t a person in this room that isn’t guilty of sin. So, I don’t go around pointing fingers in that regard. I’m responsible for my salvation and I’m responsible for my family’s, and for inculcating in my family what our faith teaches, and they’ll become adults and decide how they want to apply that in life. As a policy maker, I could just tell you that I’m informed by my faith. And my faith informs me in who I am as a person — but not as a way to pass judgment on people.

Be comforted, gay people and people who care about gay people: Rubio’s policy is informed by his faith, and his faith says that your love is sinful. But only, like, being rude to your mom sinful. It’s not like a pride parade is as bad as running a person over. I mean, it’s still dirty and wrong, obviously. And you still need to worry about that view informing Rubio’s policies on the lives of gay people. But he’s not judging you. He’s just calling you sinful and legislating on the limits of your rights and opportunities as Americans. Cool? Cool.

Sorry, Senator Rubio, but my finger’s a little pointier than yours. Your bigotry – and the way it crouches behind the Bible – is really appalling. And I totally am judging.

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Chloe Angyal is a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia.

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