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What We Missed

TweetA 17-year-old black teen was shot and killed by an older white man in Florida bothered by his loud music. In other unbearable news, a 15-year-old Afghan girl was beheaded for rejecting a marriage proposal. Unless a judge acts to block the law, Mississippi’s last abortion clinic will be shut down. In Sweden, the infamous [...]
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Support the striking fast-food workers in New York City

Tweet Photo via Sarah Jaffe. Fast-food workers at dozens of chains in NYC are walking out today in what is the first step in the “biggest effort to unionize fast-food workers ever undertaken in the United States.” They are demanding a raise from near-minimum wages to $15 an hour and the right to form a [...]
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Project Unspoken Part 2: “There is nothing that you can do to ask for it.”

TweetRecently I posted a terrific video project created by Caleb Peng called Project Unspoken – out of Emory University – which interviewed a number of young people about harassment and violence against women. Here’s Part 2 which interviews more folks asking them whether they know someone who has been the victim of sexual assault. It’s a powerful [...]
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Donald Trump needs to have a stadium of seats

TweetI’m so tired of Donald Trump.  And to the folks who are thinking, “well why are you writing about him then? Ignore him and he will go away,” I say prove it!  The media monstrosity that is Donald Trump has been infecting my world for my entire lifetime.  At what point does someone in the [...]
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Suzanne Venker responds to criticism of “The war on men”

TweetWe all owe Suzanne Venker a big apology. When Feministing criticized her Fox News piece “The war on men,” we thought she was saying that women shouldn’t compete with men. In fact, as she clarified to the Daily Beast, what she really meant to say was the wives shouldn’t compete with husbands. It was all [...]
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