#OccupySandy illustrates the best of humanity

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After catastrophic superstorm Sandy hit New York city and left millions without power and many homeless, not only did the federal, state, and local government swiftly respond but the Occupy movement sprung into action with flexible and swift assistance for those impacted.

Occupy Sandy organizers all throughout the city have been collecting donations, putting together both money, food, and other items for their fellow New Yorkers harmed by the storm.  Occupy Sandy has already raised well over $200,000 in relief.  The Occupy movement is perhaps best suited for this type of streamlined and effective relief effort because of an infrastructure that was already set up during Occupy Wall Street.  By using their website and the hash tag #occupysandy anyone who wants to volunteer can find resources on how to help.

There is no doubt that Sandy required an all hands on deck approach to relief efforts, and with voids left by FEMA and The American Red Cross, Occupy Sandy is here to help with immediate needs and minimal red tape.  Once again social media is being used as an effective tool to organize and Occupy Sandy is taking full advantage.

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