Leslie Knope’s sexuopolitical dreams are coming true

“Sexuopolitical” is a word I just made up for when you think a political figure is super sexy. This is how certain members of the Feministing crew feel about Barack (though I reckon more of us feel that way about Michelle). It’s how almost all the young women of America in 1961 felt about JFK. It’s how more than a few American men in 2012 feel about Elizabeth Warren. And it’s about how Leslie Knope, who is fictional, feels about Joe Biden.

“Parks and Rec”’s heroine has on multiple occasions mentioned her crush on the man who was just reelected as VP. Her dream man would have the brain of George Clooney and the body of Mr. Biden, and her celebrity sex list only has one name on it. And that name has the middle name “Robinette.”

Well, part of the advantage of being a fictional character is that sometimes, you get to live out your fantasies. Or part of them, at least: “Parks and Rec” showrunner Mike Shur announced this week that in next Thursday’s episode, Leslie Knope will meet the veep. I assume they will not be acting out everything she would like to do with him.

Here’s a teeny preview of the very short cameo. I would also like to note that, in this cameo, Leslie spends way more time fantasizing about being President than she does about doing the Vice President. Which is one of the reasons I love this show.

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