Romney, I would believe you when you say that marriage is the solution to gun violence if…

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…You weren’t adamantly opposed to marriage equality making it very difficult for many men and women who want or have children to do their part.

Or if you actually supported women’s right to choose how/when they get pregnant, or don’t.

Perhaps your theory would be more credible if it weren’t for these “strange” cases of violence: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Trayvon Martin, Aurora, Colorado, just to name a few. (All of which involved shooters from two parent homes.)

And maybe, just maybe, I’d believe you if the person you were debating last night when you made the comment was not the child of a single parent and clearly a better presidential candidate than you.

So while you may think that marriage saves the day (after all, I hear married couples have some awesome tax incentives–I bet you just love that) the conversation around the “culture of violence” in America must involve a little more nuance. This “culture of violence” is rooted in the same philosophies that caused us to cheer and celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden instead of humbly reflecting on the lives of those lost on 9/11. It is in the militarization of every aspect of our country. It is in the songs we sings and television we watch. It’s in our history. It is in our ideas about power and the lessons of peace that we don’t teach our children.

Don’t go blaming this one on single parents. My mother is a single mom. I have yet to bust a cap in anyone’s ass. When it comes to parenting, it’s quality over quantity, Mittens. Seriously, this is America. No married couple can hide their child from our “culture of violence.” The only step in that direction they can take is to love and accept them so that they may hopefully share those values with others…and maybe fewer guns?

So, as usual, I don’t believe you.

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