Notes from a bitch…pondering what was missing from the debate…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Women could decide the outcome of the 2012 General Election.

You know it, I know it, and odds are the candidates know it too.

But last night, two candidates and one sorta-moderator managed to talk for 90 minutes straight in a domestic policy debate without discussing women’s reproductive rights.

The payoff for Romney was that he was able to position himself as a moderate despite the fact that his party has spent the last four years escalating their multi-front war on women’s reproductive rights in general and access to birth control in particular.

President Obama missed the opportunity to highlight what’s at stake for women and the threat a Romney administration would be to women’s reproductive rights.

It was all so disturbing!

Also disturbing is that, for the most part, the media analysis has failed to mention the absence of women’s reproductive rights from the debate.

Did I mention that women voters could decide the outcome of the 2012 general election?


There are two more presidential debates and one vice presidential debate to go.

That’s three opportunities for everyone involved to get their act together.

I’m looking at you, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer, and Martha Raddatz.

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