Obama for America launches “For All” website to hit Romney for dismissing half the nation

Via Obama for America

In 2008, Obama for America broke down barriers with their website format which mirrored Facebook (and was in fact designed by one of the founders of Facebook) and in doing so appealed specifically to younger voters.  This year, the Obama campaign is leaps and bounds ahead of Team Romney when it comes to the effective use of social media.

Today they have launched a great new interactive site in response to Mitt Romney’s now infamous (and a popular GIF’d “gaffe”) 47% video which shows America which campaign is FOR ALL which is intended to target voters between the ages of 18-29 (for a second I’ll pretend that I’m 29).

The images will appear on the Obama 2012 Instagram and everyone can participate by instagramming their images with the issues that matter to them whether they be women’s rights, marriage equality, or worker’s rights with the hashtag #forall.  The site is already filling up with moving images of everyday folks, campaign volunteers, staffers, and celebrities.

I need to go find myself a permanent marker!

Via Obama for America


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