Who says #occupy can’t be funny? Not Nato Green

The one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street is a time for reflection… and laughter. Check out Nato Green (from Laughter Against the Machine and a writer for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell) talking about the Occupy Movement, drum circles (of course) and poop.

transcript after the jump.

I’m really excited about being in the movement of the 99%, we’re the 99%, that’s inspiring, isn’t it? It’s also a lot because I want to be for the 99% but I don’t now if you realize this, that’s a lot of people– some of you are a step ahead of me– including a lot of assholes. And most of us, given the opportunity, would be able to stay “I’m for the 99% asterisk, except some people.” And we’d all have our own lists, you know what I mean? So, like for me I’d be for the 99% except for human resources, and the yoga people, and Jessica from high school because she broke my heart.

The movement doesn’t have demands, that’s fine, doesn’t have leaders, that’s fine, I would like to request an occupation concierge. Just someone to be like, “welcome to the Occupation. If you want to get tear gassed, stand over here. we;ll be composting lentils over here. Here’s your drum circle. Teaching about fracking. Here’s your coupon.”  I want that, just some basic hospitality.

The [San Francisco] Chronicle was whipping up this frenzy about poop, specifically, they were very fixated on poop. There were people pooping in the camps. There’s poop around. And clearly the Chronicle editorial staff cannot afford to go out and about in the city anymore to see that there are people pooping every here in San Francisco. it typically is not an occasion for the deployment of 500 riot police. In San Francisco, you don’t see “ughhhh” [going to the bathroom sound] “get ‘em” [gun shooting sound]. The tenderloin would have been nuked. It’s not a city priority.

And this debate has been raging in the Movement about what to do about violence. There are some people who are like “don’t break stuff.” And then other people are like “break a lot of stuff.” And then a lot of people are somewhere in the middle. A lotta folks would like to be able to go up to a store with a brick and be like, ” hey! Is this locally owned or part of a chain? I’m trying to decide and I need more information. I’m gonna have to inspect you pay roll records to verify that everyone is paid a living wage, do you racially profile your customers? Do you use ecologically sound cleaning products? Yes? OK. Hello”

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  1. Posted September 30, 2012 at 4:48 pm | Permalink

    Funny thing is: I came to this right after listening to a shitload of George Carlin, and I couldn’t help but hear the transcript in George’s voice (Currently, my flash player is not working, so I couldn’t watch the video)

    And, really, that made it more awesome.

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