What would Erick Erickson’s vagina say?

Erick Erickson, right wing blogger and political commentator, is afraid of ladies that won’t submit to an agenda that destroys every right we’ve earned. So much so, that he called the Democratic National Convention the “Vagina Monologues.” 

He apologized. But not really, he apologized for offending you, you easily offended vagina-haver. He didn’t apologize for his larger transgression, probably because he doesn’t realize it. Erickson is afraid of vaginas, so even when women are  expressing themselves in way that is nothing similar to the style of expression in a popular college play–all he sees is a flying vagina.

But the real question is: How does Erick Erickson even know what the Vagina Monologues are? And, is he secretly a fan? If so, Erick–what would YOUR vagina say? Or wear?

Other than a big sign that says, “I’m a douche-bag.”

Update: Ultraviolet is asking that CNN fire Erick Erickson. Sign the petition if you think that a CNN correspondent shouldn’t be calling the DNC the “Vagina Monologues.”




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