What we missed.

In Turkey, a pregnant rape victim kills and decapitates her tormentor. She tells local authorities, “That is the head of one who toyed with my honour.”

No one on the corner has swagga like Valerie Jarrett. However, to Ann’s point, this woman’s work is never done and remains undefined.

Melissa Harris Perry goes H.A.M. on a guest during a panel discussion on the policy and racialized language around welfare and the public safety net. She’s not wrong. Most importantly, she passionately points out the problem of the idea that ‘risk’ solely rests on the powerful and wealthy. Thank you for that MHP.

Still processing Mychal Denzel Smith’s close study of Lupe’s weak sauce attempt at addressing misogyny in hip hop. This essay goes well with consider Kanye’s deep thoughts on usage of language in hip hop. Snark if you will, but there’s something happening here.

A #longread from The Rumpus on choice and biology.

And our fearless founder, Jessica Valenti has released her much anticipated book, Why Have Kids? today. Yay! Here’s a tasty preview. But more importantly, buy the book!

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  • http://feministing.com/members/shasty/ emmie

    Wow, that story about the woman from Turkey left me feeling disgusted and heartbroken. It pains me that women have to go through this crap in Turkey, (and other middle eastern countries) and there is usually no justice for them. Of course the comments on the Dailymail were pretty bad as well. Most of them talking about how she shouldn’t have the abortion because what happened to her was wrong, but according to them “what would happen to the ‘baby’ would be even worse”. Good grief, why do I even bother reading comments.

  • http://feministing.com/members/azure156/ Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    I just want to say that woman in Turkey is my hero right now. (And my husband’s too, FWIW). And I just want to make a point to say so before the hordes of finger-waggers come out to lecture on the evils of revenge and all that.

    It’s already sickening that the comments on that article seem to be full of people more concerned about the fetus than the woman or her children (you know, the children who’ve actually been born.)

  • http://feministing.com/members/annarasuna/ Anna Rasuna

    Nice article, thanks for the information.