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Todd Akin is not dropping out of his race for the Senate because  “there’s a cause here.” And that cause would be… magical pregnancy prevention powers? Trying to insult everyone ever before he loses horribly?

More Akin: “There are great people, a songwriter from Missouri and others, who are products of rape.”

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via @embeedub, here’s all of us watching the GOP just keep talking:
Buffy and Willow eating popcorn

The incomparable, trailblazing, and hilarious comedian Phyllis Diller died yesterday.

Under a new policy, women in Iran are being banned from taking over 70 degree courses in 36 different universities and colleges across the country.

The video initiative MAKERS is holding a contest for the Next MAKERS — six women doing awesome work in their local communities will win a $10K and be featured in the series. Nominate someone! 

There’s a ton of great blogging happening over at the Community site as part of So You Think You Can Blog. Check out the bloggers competing to be Feministing’s next contributor.


Stephanie Schriock: The Republican Party, led by Romney, is just wrong on this issue.

Andrea Mitchell: Thank you very much. We should point out we have been trying to get the Romney campaign to join this debate today, and they have said that they don’t have an appropriate spokesperson, but we will keep trying. Thank you very much for being with us, Stephanie Schriock from Emily’s List.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/robbieloveslife/ Robert

    With the latest republican gaffe from Todd Akin, Obama and Joe Biden have to fail miserably with voters if they lose the election.

  • http://feministing.com/members/whumpusthing/ Melissa

    On the Iran/university article, I can’t help but feel angry at these countries and these traditions that keep these policies socially acceptable, and while I feel bad being angry at a culture (due to me not fully understanding the culture, etc) it just doesn’t feel right to me.
    Are there any articles I wonder that address this issue?
    Oh and Akin needs to quietly slip away from the public sphere… now.