Haunting photographs document violence against women

“Everyone thinks that Norway is a paradise, and of course it is in many ways — if you compare it with India or Guatemala…. But you cannot say that a country has no human rights problems if women suffer from violence and you are not protecting them.” This is what motivated photo-journalist Walter Estrada to point his camera at the violence against women that occurs in Norway. Estrada has documented this epidemic in countries like Guatemala, India, Congo, but showing violence against women in a country that is not war-torn, in conflict, or notorious for its mistreatment of women highlights how pervasive violence against women really is. The photo above is of a woman who lost her arm after her husband, whom she was divorcing, shot her.  The photo below is of a bed where a woman was repeatedly raped. These photographs are arresting. You can see the rest of the Norway photos here at The New York Times and you can see all of Estrada’s work at his website.

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    This is amazing work, and I love the quote at the start of this post. Norway is one of the greatest places for women to live, but I often see both feminists from outside the country over-idealizing it and clueless but well-meaning Norwegian men reacting to everyday sexism as if “that would never happen here” (pretty much a direct quote from a friend when I told him about street harassment I encountered in the UK). It’s a sobering reminder that violence is a reality for women in all parts of the world (and the portraits in particular are very powerful).

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