Planned Parenthood foe likely loser in Florida primary

Via Mother Jones

Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) will likely lose his primary election to tea partier Ted Yoho.  Stearns was a consistent and vocal opponent of Planned Parenthood launching the congressional investigation into their funding which lead to the Komen Foundation fiasco earlier this year.  Stearns had a  significant fundraising advantage over Yoho but still looks primed to lose a close race after 12 terms in the House.

The loss for Stearns isn’t a win for Democrats who will still likely lose in the mostly Republican district.  Replacing Stearns with a tea party candidate is certainly not a positive thing either.  That said, it’s worth noting Stearns’ loss because of his high profile attacks on Planned Parenthood.  Apparently, launching congressional investigations did not help him win a Republican primary.  

Looks like voters – even Republican primary voters in Florida – have more pressing concerns than a Planned Parenthood witch hunt.

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