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Heartbreaking. A gunman opened fire at Texas A&M University. He is now in custody – reports say multiple people were injured and one police officer died in the exchange.

Clips from the first episode of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell have started ¬†popping up on the show’s Facebook page. In case you missed the premiere and are not aware, they’re hilarious.

The FAA has eliminated unnecessary, burdensome psychological testing requirements for trans pilots, eliminating a major barrier to their ability to fly.

Remember that time Rep. Lisa Brown got silenced for saying the word “vagina?” That was in debate for Michigan’s despicable anti-choice super bill, which could be back up for a vote as soon as Wednesday. Also: vagina.

I so wish this story wasn’t true: Mississippi schools are sending students, particularly Black kids and kids with disabilities, to prison for disciplinary issues as small as dress code violations.


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    What?! Sent to prison for not following the dress code? Flatulence? This is beyond absurd! There should be strong legal action against the people implementing thee policies, I can’t believe they are doing this to children- Sending them to the same institution that is associated with murder, violence and heinous crimes? Unfuckingbelievable!

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