New blog to watch: Flyover Feminism

paper airplaneI’m very, very excited about this just-launched forum created by Shakesville’s Melissa McEwan, Garland Grey of Tiger Beatdown and Jessica Luther of scATX:

This site’s goal is to create a community of feminist/womanist activists around the US and the world whose voices and viewpoints are typically left out of conversations and representations of mainstream feminism, who struggle to access resources and get their messages heard because they live outside of major media centers. Often due to geographical location (among other factors), their experiences and ideas aren’t part of the dialogue that defines the movement(s), their feminist and/or activist projects are ignored, and their efforts take place in the shadows.

Flyover Feminism will operate directly in response to this phenomenon. FF will be a space where feminist/womanists/activists who are hindered by place can reach out virtually in order to tell their stories, draw attention to their work, and share their triumphs and defeats.

We endorse! Check it out and follow them on Twitter.

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