Is Mitt Romney the most dishonest presidential candidate ever?

A lot has been written about just how dishonest the Romney campaign has been to date.  Maddow Blogs’ Steve Benen has a weekly roundup of the biggest falsehoods of the Republican presidential hopeful and he’s able to come up with exhaustive and lengthy lists every single week.

Sure, running for president in the modern era is about stretching the truth but Romney is in a class of his own when it comes to flat out….lying.  In fact, Romney is the new Sarah Palin when it comes to being dishonest even when facts emerge to debunk his claims repeatedly.

In a week where false attacks on the Obama campaign’s early voting lawsuit implied that Obama wanted to block veterans from voting, yesterday, the Romney campaign launched what could be considered it’s most dishonest attack to date.

The attack focuses on the Obama administration’s recent support of welfare reform measures that allows for states to individually build a welfare to work program that works best for them while also allowing them to apply for waivers from federal requirements that restrict this ability.

Romney’s ad attacking these welfare reform measures makes the false claim that the Obama administration is gutting welfare reform by getting rid of the work requirements.  The ad states an outright lie, that there are no longer any work requirements at all and that “they just send you your welfare check.”

This claim is simply untrue.  Even more hypocritical still, as Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney who apparently is a far right Republican against welfare now that he’s running for the White House, gave cars to welfare recipients in his state.  In fact, the waivers that Romney is claiming to be against are the same waivers he supported during his tenure as governor.  I agree with Maddow Blog’s Steve Benen, that “this is as dishonest an ad as you’ll ever see — in 2012 or in any other campaign cycle.”

Is lying with such impunity a desirable trait for a president?






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