Anti-gay bigot gets honorable mention in Darwin awards

This made my day. Anti-gay bigot Michael Leisner is pissed at General Mills.  So pissed in fact, he wanted to set a poor box of Cheerios (yes, honey nut!) on fire just so you know how mad he is that General Mills supports marriage equality.

What transpires once Mr. Leisner begins his mini-bonfire of resistance is simply amazing.  Leisner who hasn’t considered that a box made of paper and a torch to light it might be a wee bit of a fire hazard while standing on grass almost sets himself on fire.  In a world where there is such injustice we can always watch this clip of Mr. Leisner and be comforted by the utter hilarity of his plight.

No, seriously it’s incredible. Watch (there are subtitles in the video but please say in the comments if a full transcript is necessary):

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