Bad-ass of the Day: Outing crisis pregnancy centers

Awesome. Sticker reads: “Be advised, this is an anti-choice organization. They will NOT present you with all your legal and medical options. Call Planned Parenthood instead.”

Close-up after the jump. Via Upworthy, via Shelby. Pics by bedbugsbite. 

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  • Wendy

    I started this project up & y’all can easily get involved by ordering your own stickers for defacing these deceptive ads. Here’s a link to the sticker template:
    (remember to replace the # with your local Planned Parenthood’s #).

    Pass them out to all your bus pro-choice bus-commuting buds!

    This poem was my inspiration for the project:

    • Anne

      That poem was absolutely amazing. I had chills going down my spine. Good for you: starting up this project. Make a difference.

  • Tae Phoenix

    How do I get my hands on some of these stickers?

  • Stephanie

    Does anyone (or@Feministing) know where/if we can purchase these stickers? I did this with post-its around NYC but these are WAY better.

  • Antonia

    As much as I hate the manipulative nature of crisis pregnancy centers, I wish whoever put this up had been a bit more strategic with placement. Planned Parenthood isn’t always free, and CPCs usually are, so some women end up needing to visit a CPC to get the services they need (I did once.) It would’ve been better had they placed the sticker away from the phone number (ok in this case) and the services offered (obstructed in this picture).

    • Mighty Ponygirl

      They’re free because they offer no legitimate medical pregnancy services. They use over-the-counter pregnancy test kits to test for pregnancy, and one does not need to have any medical training to own and operate an ultrasound machine, so the ultrasounds they give are purely vanity ultrasounds to try and cajole you into thinking the little blob on the screen is just a tiny fully-formed baby. They give bogus medical information: like getting an abortion will give you cancer or make you commit suicide, and because the person making the claims is wearing a white lab coat the women think that they’re actual doctors.

      They make their money through endowments by misogynist, anti-women foundations, and by charging prospective adoptive parents from their adoption “service” a mint and a half. They promise the women financial assistance for their pregnancy and motherhood, but beyond giving them a pack of diapers or a tin of formula, no assistance is actually rendered.

      Planned Parenthood might not be “free” but they offer real medical services by trained and licensed medical professionals. And if you’re literally too broke to buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test, you’re probably too broke to have a kid at that time and you need Planned Parenthood, not a bunch of haters who are going to do everything in their power to force you deeper into poverty by having a baby you can’t take care of, and they’re going to have access to funding sources to help you get back on your feet.

      • Rose

        Funny — I was just looking @ a PRC’s website in Colorado, & under “Choices”, (thought they didn’t offer any of those!), you can click on “Abortion”, “Adoption”, & “Parenting”. Doesn’t sound manipulative to me.

        Then, under the section for Links, there are places to go to get assistance of all kinds, from support & counseling, domestic violence help, advice for fathers, pregnancy loss and early infant death counseling, to a link to “What to Expect” (when you are expecting)–note, these What To Expect publications are not religious-based — they are very science-based, & lastly, a link to United Way (who’s Vision Statement says: “United Way envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.” Sounds to me like this PRC co-operates with other organization to help get a pregnant woman & her unborn child needed assistance during a pregnancy, & AFTER the child is born. How thoughtful of them.

        Note to others: your posts would be more believable if you didn’t exaggerate.

        • Susan C Mitchell

          And what information do they offer on abortion?

    • Rose

      @ Antonia: thank you for expressing compassion & concern for women who are facing crisis pregnancies. I needed a free pregnancy test too, in the past, & found that the pregnancy resource center I went to was respectful, not-pushy, & no one was in a ‘white-coat’.

  • LOL

    Anything we can do to out these liars, deceivers and shamers ! ! ! Anyone know where I can buy these stickers??? I would LOVE to post them around where I live!

  • Tiffany

    This is bad-ass. My only concern is, can this come back or be bad for planned parenthood? I’m in but wondered….