George Zimmerman allegedly molested woman for 10 years

Via CSMonitor

George Zimmerman is facing more disturbing allegations.  The alleged shooter in the Trayvon Martin killing has now been accused of molesting his female relative for a period of 10 years.

The woman identified in court documents as “Witness 9″ claims Zimmerman, who is two years older, began to molest her – in front of other family members at age 6 when Zimmerman was only 8 – and the abuse continued for 10 years.

“Witness 9″ is also alleging that George Zimmerman has a racial bias against black people.

To make matters worse, Zimmerman’s defense team noticed the vocal support coming from conservative media and conveniently after requesting a “chat” with his lead defense attorney, has published information about the alleged victim including information that could be used to locate her, names of additional family members, and photos of the woman, her husband and her children.

It is bad enough that they attempted to smear Trayvon Martin after he was killed but the attempt now to smear this alleged victim and leak her personal information online is completely out of bounds.

Back in March, I wrote about the attempts by conservative media, to “thugify” Trayvon Martin, describing the coverage of the case as, “[A] strategic manipulation of public perception with the purpose of turning Trayvon into a stereotypical black male predisposed to criminal behavior. The purpose is to spin the public outcry that followed as overreactions or as a rush to judgment.”

It seems as if conservative sites are getting into the routine early, smear first and think about the potential consequences later.  While Trayvon was blessed with a few weeks of positive coverage before the attacks on his credibility began, the attacks on this alleged victim have begun within 24 hours with a complete breach of her right to anonymity.


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