NAACP reaction shots to Mitt Romney

The amazing Jorge Rivas at Colorlines has a hilarious post compiling photos of  people’s reactions to Mitt Romney as he awkwardly addressed the NAACP (or white voters afraid he would be too nice to black people).  This shot may be my favorite, but you can pick for yourself here.

Side eye of the week right there, and that was before Romney told the NAACP audience ” if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free.”

I’d love to see response shots to that gem!

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  1. Posted July 12, 2012 at 6:09 pm | Permalink

    Why is there no coverage of the Green Party presidential ticket Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala? These are two kick ass women doing real shit in the real world! It’s totally bizarre to me that you guys have dropped the ball and are reporting old news on something that anybody could have easily predicted the outcome to (duh…Mitt got booed by the NAACP)!

    So Feministing has just decided to go establishment instead of pushing for real change?

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