Outlook for 2012: Just as many (or more) abortion restrictions as previous year

Read it and weep. Just released Guttmacher Institute analysis shows that the year of 2012 will likely have just as many (and possibly more) state abortion restriction as 2011, which was a record number. Some findings from its mid-year report:

  • In the first half of 2012, states have enacted 39 new restrictions on access to abortion
  • 14 of the new restrictions have been enacted in just three states—Arizona, Louisiana and South Dakota
  • 55% of women of reproductive age in the United States live in one of the 26 states considered hostile to abortion
  • Comparing 2012 from 2011, a lower proportion of restrictions passed by one legislative body have become law—30% of  restrictions passed by one chamber so far this year have been enacted, which is much lower than the 51% signed into law by this point in 2011

So there’s some good news in this (I suggest checking out the entire report), which is an indication that our work has been making a difference. But the big takeaway is that contrary to the GOP’s denial of its existence, the war on reproductive rights is still in full force — and we need to do more to win it.

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