Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean makes TV debut and beautiful music history

Frank Ocean

Last week R&B singer Frank Ocean made history.  He is the first R&B singer to come out and reveal that his first love was a man.

With the release of his debut solo album, Channel Orange Ocean makes beautiful music and pushes the boundaries of traditional pop and R&B with not so subtle references to being in love with him.  Critics took notice and wrote up reviews praising his courage considering Hip Hop and R&B’s general unease and open hostility to gays and lesbians.

Ocean’s disclosure is especially interesting given the fact that he has been the lead singer for the openly homophobic and misogynistic rap group Odd Future.  The groups front man Tyler the Creator seems to be very supportive of his group mate and tweeted his support and praised his courage.

On last night’s Jimmy Fallon, Ocean made his television debut in stunning fashion singing passionately about unrequited love and by the end everyone watching could feel his pain.  I know I could.

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