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This. (Context here.)

I’m shocked – SHOCKED – that a Republican (and Rand Paul to boot!) would block legislation from getting passed in the name of “life.” 

Texas seeks to repeal the Voting Rights Act so the state can reignite voter discrimination tactics. (And that’s just the beginning.)

It’s National HIV Testing Day. Do it.

Nothing like using Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as examples of how warped Arizona’s immigration policy is. Thanks, Rep. Luis Gutierrez.


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    Why the shockage about Rand Paul? The Pauls only mentioned they are conservative oh about every chance they get.

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      It’s a reference to a line from the classic movie Casablanca; following the example of a character in the movie, the phrase “I am shocked, shocked” is now widely used when the speaker is not in the least bit surprised but is feigning indignation.


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