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The adorably awesome Zach Wahls has been advocating for the Boy Scouts to change their policy discriminating against LGBT scouts and scout leaders – and may very well be successful in his efforts.

The new sexist meme “overly attached girlfriend” is overly predictable and makes me yawn a lot. (While trivializing stalking and intimate partner abuse in the meantime.)

Chloe on intergenerational feminism and Jane Fonda’s new movie, “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.” (Check out pics from its premiere at the Women’s Media Center!)

Some good book recommendations from the Feminist Press on women and girls in sports.


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  • http://feministing.com/members/cruisethevistas/ cruisethevistas

    Yuck- that attached girlfriend meme is awful!

    I really enjoyed this piece Power is gendered

  • makomk

    The “overly attached girlfriend” meme apparently originated on Reddit, and the consensus amongst the feminists there seems to be that would only trivialize domestic violence and stalking if someone did a version with a guy in.

    • makomk

      Link to discussion. Sample highly-voted comment: ‘The problem is that reddit doesn’t think “overly attached girlfriend” is funny because it’s absurd they think it’s funny because it’s true. This is why we can’t have nice things.’

      • makomk

        Oh, and some context. ShitRedditSays is a feminist/anti-racist/etc community within Reddit nominally dedicated to mocking and drawing attention to the sexism, racism, transphobia etc within the rest of the Reddit community. Any comments that are sexist, racist, transphobic, generally not feminist, … are deleted by the moderators and their comments banned. Because one of their key beliefs is that the whole of Reddit outside their network of subreddits is shitty, on ShitRedditSays comment voting is upside-down – highly voted comments have negative scores and ones people disagree with have positive scores. There are other feminist communities, but since they stick to themselves whilst SRS go charging into other threads and insulting the commenters in really attention-getting ways most of Reddit is only exposed to feminism through SRS.

  • http://feministing.com/members/sarahkate486/ Sarah

    Appreciate his hard work, but let’s not be too quick to put the BSA is any positive light regarding their open discrimination, their press release tells a different story than the article. http://www.scouting.org/media/PressReleases/2012/20120607.aspx