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Seventy-three percent of people who shoot black people in Florida walk using “stand your ground” laws.

I have a piece up over at Jezebel that takes on Tracy McMillan’s sexist screed, giving a better list of reasons why you might not be married.

Anti-same-sex marriage folks in CA have sworn to take it to the Supreme Court after an appeals court upheld the decision to strike down Prop 8.

JC Penny responds to homophobic outcry with a two dad family in their Father’s Day ad–show them your love.


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  • fyoumudflaps

    I really wish I like JC Penney’s clothes… great company.

  • http://feministing.com/members/sydneyt710/ Sydney

    I hope it’s not too lame to say, “JC Penny, I love your style!”

  • http://feministing.com/members/skjaere/ Skjaere

    My sister posted about this on FaceBook. Just thought I would pass it along to you guys:

    Please call or write in your support for a sweet mama named Sarah who is in a homeless shelter struggling to get on her feet with her 3 month old baby boy, who is being forced to cover her baby while she breastfeeds or the shelter where she is staying has sternly warned her they will kick her out. The shelter is for women and children only, and she is being called immodest, rude and disruptive to the other residents. This shelter is run by Union Rescue Mission, a religious non-profit, so they have told her that the laws that allow her to breastfeed do not apply to them. Please write a letter or make a phone call to this Los Angeles shelter, named Hope Gardens. The phone number is: (213) 347-6300.

    The majority of the children at Hope Gardens are formula fed and the small minority who choose to breastfeed are discouraged from doing so where other residents can see them. This ignorant approach discourages the vast majority from breastfeeding at all.

    Please stand with this one lonely mother who is choosing to give her baby the best nutrition she can, despite being homeless. The rights that women of means have to nursing their children should also be the same rights that homeless women have!

    Along with calling the phone number above, you can send your disgust for this belittling to the following staff members:
    Jessica Brown-Mason, Director of Hope Gardens, jmason@urm.org
    Steve Borja, Chief Program Officer, sborja@urm.org
    Scott Johnson, Vice President of Operations/COO, sjohnson@urm.org
    Rev. Andrew J. Bales, CEO, abales@urm.org

    If you have any questions about this information, please call Katie McCall, Mothering Advocate, Certified Professional Midwife, Lactation Educator and Bradley Instructor: 626-676-1363