Big Recall Election in Wisconsin Today!

Wisconsin citizens protesting at the capital last year via The Washington Post

Today is the day. A year ago thousands of protestors in Wisconsin took to the streets to protest against Republican Governor Scott Walker’s union busting legislation and through organizing and hard work Democrats have forced a recall election. Running against the Republican governor is the Mayor of Milwaukee Democrat Tom Barrett and firefighter Mahlon Mitchell who is running for the spot as Lieutenant Governor. There are also three other races where Wisconsin Republican state senators try to hold on to their seats.

The polling shows that the race is neck and neck. Translation: It’s all about getting out the vote in Wisconsin. If you have a moment to spare and a cell phone click here to volunteer a few minutes to help get Democrats to the polls. Even 5 minutes to 5 potential voters could make a difference.

On the left, we always talk about the power of organizing and the power to be change agents collectively as a citizenry. Today is the day to put some action behind the rhetoric. So whether you live in Wisconsin or not let’s help our fellow citizens finish what they started last year.

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