Trayvon Martin shooting targets sold online

An anonymous person from Virginia Beach, Virginia sold “10 Pack Trayvon Martin Targets” on the website (the product has since been removed from the site). For $8, you could buy the item, whose description read as follows:

“Everyone knows the story of Zimmerman and Martin… Obviously we support Zimmerman and believe he is innocent and that he shot a thug. Each target is printed on thick, high quality poster paper with a matte finish! The dimensions are 12″x18″ ( The same as Darkotic Zombie Targets) This is a Ten Pack of Targets.”

The targets feature a faceless figure wearing a hoodie and carrying skittles, like Trayvon Martin was the night he was shot by George Zimmerman. The ten packs were so popular, they sold out within two days.

This sheds light onto the true motives of people who claim to defend George Zimmerman. It’s one thing to give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt (though it’s hard for me to believe this is actually divorced from racism). But the animus against Trayvon Martin, given that he was, in fact, unarmed, is beyond unjustifiable. Why would anyone want to practice shooting a figure representing an unarmed teenager? What is the meaning and significance of this? What is it about Trayvon Martin that makes him a worthy target? What was his crime? What makes him a “thug”? Walking while being black seems to be the only answer.


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Katie is a writer, comedian, filmmaker, and New Yorker.

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