Newsweek cover: the first gay president

is excited about its cover this week, a “take THAT!” response to the sensationalistic breast-feeding cover which graced Time last week. The Newsweek cover features an image Barack Obama, with a rainbow halo above his head. The headline is as nuanced as the graphic and reads “The First Gay President.” Here is the article behind the cover, by Andrew Sullivan.

In other throwing-the-word-gay-around  news, while Rand Paul didn’t call Obama gay, he did state that he wasn’t sure the President’s position on marriage “could get any gayer.”  Oh, Rand. You crack us up, as usual! Rand’s undeniably hilarious comments drew criticism from people like Tony Perkins. It’s one thing to stigmatize homosexuality and to fight against gay people’s rights. But it’s another thing to joke about it. That’s just mean.

Readers, I’m turning this one over to you. What’s your take on Newsweek’s latest attempt to court controversy with their “First Gay President” cover?


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  • Sam Lindsay-Levine

    I thought Buchanan won the race by like 150 years?

  • daria

    i disagree with the sentiment that obama is a good guy deep down inside, a shrewd politician who really wants to do the right thing in the end. he’s not. he wants to do what will benifit him politically and buisiness’ economically in the end. besides that i dislike him being called gay. i just dont like the man and don’t want him associated with a group that he has oppressed for so long. just because it’s election time and he did something good to win brownie points doesn’t mean i can be distracted from his track record.

  • Shannon Drury

    Gahh. Here I thought Time’s BFing cover was an obnoxious response to a important societal issue–then Newsweek outs Obama! Never in a million years would I have thought Us Weekly’s Kardashian coverage would emerge as grocery checkout’s sole journalistic voice of reason.