What We Missed

A Mama’s Day radio project will connect incarcerated mothers to their families and communities for Mother’s Day.

Melinda Gates is launching a new initiative that will be investing billions into global contraception access. 

Cornell West and others were convicted of disorderly conduct for protesting New York’s stop and frisk policy.

Greece and France vote against austerity measures in their national elections.

On MAKERS, a new digital storytelling project that tells the lives of groundbreaking women in America. (And Courtney’s in it!)

On Yes Means Yes, Thomas has an important series on rape and abuse within the BDSM community.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/katyarizhaya/ katetheskate

    A recent Yale study showed that powerful men talk more, and powerful women talk less. This is probably because, as the study also found, people view talkative powerful men as good leaders, but they view talkative powerful women as incompetent or unsuitable for leadership.

    “When men talk a lot and they have power, people want to reward them either by hiring them, voting for them, or just giving them more power and responsibility at work,” said Brescoll [the researcher]. “But when women do it, they are seen as being too domineering, too presumptuous. Women perceive this, and that’s why they temper how much they talk.”