Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Julia Bluhm

Julia Bluhm is one bad-ass 8th grader. You may have heard about the petition the SPARKteam activist recently started, calling on Seventeen magazine — in the effort to include real girls in its pages — to feature just one photo-shopped spread per issue. After 30,000 signatures, Seventeen editor Ann Shoket invited Julia to meet on Wednesday — though not actually agreeing to address Julia’s request  at all. (Not to mention including a kinda condescending statement about the meeting, methinks.)

Nonetheless, Julia handled the outcome of the meeting with grace, saying:

“The fact that Seventeen‘s editor-in-chief met with me in person proves that the voices of teen girls everywhere are getting through … While I would still change some of the ways Seventeen portrays girls, I’m encouraged that they’re willing to listen to me and the 30,000 people who’ve signed my petition. Seventeen‘s invited me to work with them on this issue, which means we girls — Seventeen’s readers — are finally being heard loud and clear. It’s really exciting.”

In the meantime, her petition continues to grow, nearly at its goal of 50,000 signatures. Let’s break it. 

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