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Rachel Maddow and the truth versus condescending, sexist Republican consultant

TweetRepublican consultant Alex Castellanos is pretty good at his job. It’s not easy to fully represent the extent of the Republican Party’s sexism, and yet Castellanos manages to do so in both content and form! And that’s pretty impressive. He demonstrated his skills on Meet the Press, as he denied the well-documented phenomenon unequal pay. Castellanos [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet The Oppressed Brown Girls Doing Things tumblr is the shit. [Via Racialicious] Clutch remembers TLC’s Left-Eye a decade after her death. The Marines are taking the first steps towards bringing women onto the front lines. Laurie Penny on the sexual counter-revolution: “Female sexual autonomy itself is what’s really unorthodox today.” Boehner, if you’re tired [...]
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The Feministing Five: dream hampton

Tweetdream hampton is a filmmaker, producer and writer whose voice has impacted cultural and political discourse for 20 years. hampton attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts both in the undergraduate and graduate film programs. It was there that hampton filmed her neighbor, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, who was a friend and helped her complete [...]
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What We Missed

TweetA complete guide to hipster racism. aka racism. Definitely a form of racism I need to work to unlearn. (Also, this is not actually a complete guide, but an introduction to some of the more obvious examples of a problem people of color have been calling out for a while.) Amanda Hess on building alternatives [...]
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What do Peru and Utah have in common? Fierce youth advocates for starters

TweetThis week, youth advocates from around the world are in New York for the Commission in Population and Development, the United Nations’ annual meeting on development, health and rights. This year’s meeting is focused on adolescents and youth, and these young advocates are in town to ensure that governments uphold prior commitments to advancing the [...]
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