George Zimmerman apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s parents, gets bond at $150K


George Zimmerman took the witness stand during his bail hearing and apologized to Trayvon Martin’s parents for the death of their son.

The Associated Press reports that Zimmerman made the brief statement during his bond hearing. He is currently awaiting trial and faces life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder in a case that has captured the nation.

Zimmerman told Martin’s parents that he was “sorry for the loss of your son” and stated that he didn’t know that Martin was both 17 and unarmed during their altercation in Sanford, Florida.

Natalie Jackson, an attorney for the Martin family, said Zimmerman’s apology was “insulting,” adding, “This is the most unmeaningful apology we’ve ever seen in our entire lives.”

The prosecution has asked for refusal of bond or $1 million bail, and defense requested a tiny $15K. But $150,000 was the number decided by a judge today. Zimmerman will also have a 7pm curfew, cannot have guns (YA THINK) or alcohol, and will wear an electronic monitoring device.

We’ll keep you posted on any other developments.

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  • Cayce Arnett

    I debated writing this comment for fear that I will get backlash from this community, which I highly respect. But I feel like we should talk about this, and if you don’t revoke my membership and let my comment through moderation, we can have an open and honest discussion.

    I was traveling when Trayvon Martin was shot, and it was a good month and a half before I finally had access to information about the case. The media frenzy surrounding this has already convinced everyone George Zimmerman is guilty because the boy he shot was black. First, I fail to see how this isn’t a twisted version of racism. None of us know what happened that night, and for all we know, Trayvon truly did attack Zimmerman. So many in our country have already absolved Trayvon of anything he may have done because he was black and we want so hard to fight racism. Is this not racism or a different sort?

    And second of all, why are any of us judging the case based off the rumors we hear from the slanted media, which has already made many mistakes about the case, and the skin colors of the people involved? Why, when all people are guaranteed a fair trial, are we taking sides on this?

    Zimmerman might be guilty as hell and shot an innocent human being in cowardly, racist fear. Or he may have been attacked and tried to fight for his life. The point I’m trying to make is that we should stop judging the guilt of anyone involved until after we have a trial.

    What we should be talking about are gun laws and laws governing self-defense. Not the perceived racism of George Zimmerman.

    • toongrrl

      I disagree with you, but appreciate your tone and observation. Totally

    • Kate

      One of the major problems with the case that you probably missed because you were away was that there was a huge amount of time where absolutely nothing was done, no charges pressed, no taking him in for additional questioning, etc. The spark that started this fire was that a black teenager was shot and absolutely no one in power cared.
      The racist implications of this have been carried, not unreasonably, throughout the media coverage.

    • Angel H.

      Stalking an unarmed Black child at night just because you think he doesn’t belong in your neighborhood is racist. He followed him in his SUV after the 911 opreator told him not, got out with his gun, and confronted him. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about this. What he did was racist.

    • Robert

      That was well put but I understand the anger from the black community because they seem to get worse treatment from the authorities. This isn’t just an American issue, it’s a global issue. I personally believe Zimmerman acted in self defense and the law in Florida allowed him to kill. Maybe he shouldn’t have pursued Martin but that reminds me of victim-blaming. Maybe women shouldn’t be drunk at parties, maybe they shouldn’t walk in a dark alley at night, or maybe they shouldn’t dress a certain way. Ultimately, the criminal should get punished and the trial will determine if Martin attacked Zimmerman which would make him a criminal for assaulting someone.

      • Angel H.

        Maybe he shouldn’t have pursued Martin but that reminds me of victim-blaming.

        Uh, no. Zimmerman was not the victim. The dead, unarmed child was. He had ****no authority**** to pursue and confront Martin about why he was in the neighborhood. The 911 operator even told him as much.

  • Terry

    I agree that there should also be a serious conversation about gun control and self defense laws going on right now. However, race is absolutely an issue in this case. I’m not claiming that Zimmerman is some kind of flaming racist at all, but the fact is, I (or almost any other white person) would not have triggered Zimmerman’s suspicion if I was walking home that night instead of Trayvon Martin. I think it’s pretty hard to deny that Martin’s skin color was a major influence in Zimmerman’s decisions that night. There had been a string of robberies in the neighborhood, and Zimmerman was looking for a black male. From the moment he saw Martin and called the police, he was convinced that Martin was a criminal, saying “These assholes always get away.” Now you’re right, in the final moments of the confrontation, We’ll never know what really happened, and as it is we only get one side of the story. However, what we do know, is that Martin knew he was being followed and was scared about it, so if a fight did break out between the two, an it seems like it did, you have to remember that Martin was acting out of fear. No matter what, Martin is dead today because he was profiled and labeled based on his skin color.

    That being said, I agree that it’s not helpful just to label Zimmerman as a bigot and end the discussion. Rather I think we should be examining and questioning why a black male is considered to be so dangerous as to instantly arouse suspicion. I think this is something that is prevalent throughout our society, and not something that is unique to Zimmerman.

  • Hugs Bozon

    People are upset about this case because it took so long for Zimmerman to be investigated and charged, and they’re also pissed because the only reason he was charged at all was because the case became famous enough to make the local police department and prosecutor’s office look bad. The thing called racism is in fact the cause of a bunch of cops’ belief that a white man is to be trusted when he tells the story of why he killed a black kid.

    People are pissed about this because the guy murdered the Martins’ son and refused to take responsibility for his actions, instead saying that he was sorry that the kid was dead without mentioning who killed him. I’d imagine his legal team told him not to accept responsibility for his actions, but taking responsibility is the prerequisite for apologizing. So he looks like an equivocating piece of shit for refusing to admit what he did.