Quick Hit: Mississippi’s one abortion clinic may be forced into closure

Mississippi only has one abortion clinic, in the whole state, and that clinic is now at threat of being shut down with the signing of what reproductive rights activists call a TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers)  law. Under these laws, states come up with bogus regulations for clinics to have to meet or they risk being shut down. We’ve seen this before, it’s a tactic to use alternative methods that don’t even include pro-life/anti-choice language in the legislation to shut down a clinic. But ultimately, they are direct attacks on abortion clinics, since even other health care facilities are not subject to the same regulations.

The Mississippi law requires all physicians who work at in-state abortion clinics to be board-certified with admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Mississippi once had several abortion clinics. Only one remains: the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in the state capital. Owner Diane Derzis has said it will be difficult for her doctors to obtain local admitting privileges, since many of them live out of state and commute to the clinic, fearing harassment by members of Mississippi’s antiabortion movement.

Bryant, a Republican, was elected in November after running as an outspoken abortion foe. “I believe that all human life is precious, and as governor, I will work to ensure that the lives of the born and unborn are protected in Mississippi,” he said in a statement Monday.

Via LA Times.

Bryant signed the bill on Monday. The Mississippi GOPs decade long attack on women’s access to abortion has had deleterious consequences on the health and wellness of it’s uterus bearing population. Imagine a state without even one abortion clinic–it’s beyond scary.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaitlincrawford/ Kaitlin

    This makes me super upset. The fact that they are going out of their way to make sure that women don’t have access to a choice just amazes me. Women have every right to a choice when it comes to abortion. If you are raped and you are afraid of the effects that this will have on the child or you just don’t have funds to support the child and an abortion is the only way, then why not let them make that choice. People have choices in everything else, why not this too? Just because this is the “role” of women to have children and take care of them doesn’t mean that every chance we get to have a child means it should be taken. There are circumstances that would be a legit reasons to to not have a child in that case. If the child will grow up in a bad neighborhood or be around bad influences and all of that. Yes, there would be the arguing of giving the baby up for adoption but there are plenty of kids that still need homes and aren’t being adopted. The regulations on being able to adopt kids is crazy. The fact that the state will only have no abortion clinics is terrible. The pregnancy rate will go up for that fact and this isn’t going to help any of the teens at all. Or for the fact that other people who want to get abortions because their body can’t take the pregnancy and they will die if they have the baby. This is a good reason to have the choice to get an abortion because it has to do with their life.