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obama and clinton
Best pic of the internet today.

New study says voter ID laws could disenfranchise more than 25,000 transgender voters.

Must-read by Jenna Wortham on Girls and race.

A GOOD response to that fear-mongering NYT piece on all the scary Nigerian babies: “Economic development is usually a precursor to limiting population growth, and scare-mongering about exploding populations isn’t helping solve any problems.”

Apparently the MRAs have a new anthem. Cute.

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    Just in case nobody’s checking the Pulitzer winners today – a writer with the weekly paper The Stranger out of Seattle, named Eli Sanders, won for an incredible piece he wrote called “The Bravest Woman in Seattle.” It’s (*a very triggering and emotionally draining*) story of the trial of a brutal home invasion, where a lesbian couple were both brutally attacked and one was killed. It’s a narrative of the attack, the trial, and everything in-between. Again, it’s a rough story, but I felt it was very well written and worth sharing. They also published a follow-up from the woman who survived and testified against her attacker. Again, just thought it was something worth pointing out here. Their website is a bit overloaded right now, they’re just a little alt-weekly, but keep your eyes open.

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