Happy 8th Birthday to Feministing!

Today is Feministing’s 8-year anniversary!

For 8 years we have been committed to changing the way women are represented in the media and calling out the limited frameworks we use to talk about some of the most important issues in our lives. We’ve congratulated, thanked and celebrated each other and our community. We’ve tackled the most important issues facing young people today. We have supported important campaigns. We have built an invaluable and dedicated community that has proven young people do give a shit about their destiny.

And we’ve done it with almost no money. For our birthday this year, we are asking that you consider making a donation to support our work. It’s really easy, just click the support us button on the top left of the site or go directly to our paypal. Any amount will help (just think if 2000 people gave us 20 bucks?!). Supporting the invaluable work of feminist blogging is one concrete way to change which voices get heard in the mainstream. If our work is sustainable, it will only be more effective.

Vintage Feministing!

Eight years is a long time to be in the blog eco-system. Feministing comes from humble origins–we were a small blog when Jessica and Vanessa first birthed the site in 2004 and even when I joined in 2005.

Today we boast a readership of over half a million per month. We’ve posted over 12,000 blog posts, our community site has over 3,000. And we have been part of a wave of activism that has changed the game online for how feminist issues are represented, not just virtually, but in the traditional press and on the ground. There are very few young feminists that didn’t get privy to the movement through reading about feminism online.

Also today, there is a vibrant community of feminist blogs, veteran bloggers and new bloggers alike, doing the hard work everyday of making sure the way we frame the issues that impact our life will ultimately work in our favor. And it’s not easy work considering how pervasive “isms” are or the aggressive attack on reproductive rights or the daily battle for citizenship or gay marriage rights to name just a few of the important issues of our time.

And while the work is invaluable, we’ve only seen few mid-size blogs like ours survive without proper financial backing. Feministing is a labor of love–but that love has come at the cost of us working our asses off and blogging between full-time jobs, writing paid articles, consulting gigs and speaking gigs to ensure that there is content ready for you every morning. Our commitment to our community has never wavered.

Getting our support from you, our beloved community, gives us the freedom and flexibility to write about the issues we think are important, to have the conversations that aren’t happening in the mainstream and to continually fight for justice. Blogs have changed the ways our communities are represented in the media–but we have so much more work to do and we can’t do it on our own!

So–send us a birthday present so we can keep bringing you the feminist bad-assery you have learned to expect from us.

And thank you for reading, being part of our community and supporting our work for almost a decade!

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  • Alison

    A very happy birthday to you all! I do wish I could chip in as a gift, but alas, I am currently without income and not sure when that will change. Hopefully others who are in better circumstances can compensate for me :)

    I hate to be a downer on a happy day, but one thing I’ve found curious in the past maybe year or so is how much the commenting community here dropped off. I suppose it was around the time of the redesign? Are folks really that resistant to registering in order to comment? It just seems odd because posts here used to regularly get long, involved comment threads (though sometimes they weren’t always of the best caliber, but even so…) and now most posts get no comments or at most 1 or 2. I am guilty of it myself, since I usually catch up later in the day, and if it’s a handful of hours since a post went up and there are no comments, I figure…eh.

    But I’d like to put the challenge out there to the Feministing readers that we should get the comments going again as a place of discussion, debate, information, etc. Get yourself registered and lets get some conversations going :)

    • Sam Lindsay-Levine

      The plummet in comment volume isn’t, in my opinion, because of the readers, and is not correctable by challenging readers to get conversations going.

      The problem is apparently that every comment now must be manually approved by an administrator, and this process naturally takes several hours. That means that conversations cannot really get going in a practical sense, since the turnaround time between responses is at best hours and realistically most of a day. That in turn means that comment threads can accumulate only a few replies before they fall off the front page and into obscurity. Worse, comments are sometimes never approved at all, and then the user gets the frustration of seeing their comment languish unposted, without any instructive message explaining why or how to correct their behavior.

      I think if scaling up the discussion and involving readers as commenters and making them more emotionally involved with the site are priorities for Feministing, we need to overhaul the comment-approval system – perhaps developing a way for registered users with a history of accepted comments (or users who have donated money!) to vote to approve/deny pending comments, as other sites I visit do.

      Without some such change, Feministing will remain primarily a one-way from-the-editors-to-the-readers site, with the current small amount of peer-to-peer or peer-to-editors feedback and discussion.

      • Sam Lindsay-Levine

        I don’t want to only complain and not do my part to improve things, so I donated a little bit to celebrate this site, which I follow avidly – hopefully my little part adds up with contributions from many other readers!

  • Stacy

    Congratulations! Feministing has really opened a lot of young women’s minds to a wide range of ideas and issues. I came upon Feministing in the Fall of 2006 and have been reading you guys several times a week (if not daily) since then. While I’m a lot more conservative than the majority of the people who probably read this blog, it’s really helped me think about a lot of issues in a deeper way and encounter perspectives that I would not have encountered in my daily life (I hang in a pretty conservative crowd). I do look forward to reading your analyis for years to come. (And, for what it’s worth, I’ll donate when you guys finally bring a young woman with a disability who is active in the disability rights movement on staff.)

  • Christine

    Happy birthday Feministing! I love your site and read you every day. So yes, I donated :)

  • fyoumudflaps


  • Robert

    I first saw this site a few years ago and it’s entertaining to say the least. There’s so much I read about here that isn’t front page stuff on mainstream news sites. I like seeing others’ perspectives because like Stacy I am more conservative than most on here. I have noticed first hand there is much more moderation or deleted comments within the last year than previously. I am sure others have experienced this and it’s a shame because opposing views opens up dialogue instead of everyone saying the same thing and not aware of how the public really feels. Obviously if there is something racist as hell or an attack on a commenter then that should not be posted.

    • daria

      i know what you mean about the moderation. it seems to hinder dialogue and debate though, yeah, if somebody does say something heinous whilst aware it is so then it should be taken off(or you could leave it and we could mock the offender for being a bigot). sometimes moderation isnt entirely bad or at least, it isnt if it is constructive. like i know i have had part of a comment redacted and it was explained why what i said was offensive and i learned from that.

      that being said i cant believe i missed feministings birthday! i think i have been going here for about 6 years(im 20 now) and this place was really influential in forming my feminism, getting me off the fence about certain issues and i enjoyed reading the debates that went on(& on & on) though i felt a little intimidated by how articulate everyone was and didnt join till recently. anyhow, thanks a bunch for working at this site.

  • Dom

    Happy birthday!!!! And thank you for all your work