Tucker Max’s Planned Parenthood publicity stunt

For reasons that seem obvious, Planned Parenthood rejected 500,000 dollars from Tucker Max who was trying to donate money to them. Rest assured it was not out of the goodness of his heart, but for a tax break, to promote his new book and to prove he is not a massive a-hole misogynist. But, Tucker Max is a career misogynist, the type of misogynist that creates space in our culture for hateful attacks on groups like Planned Parenthood. He perpetuates retrograde ideas about women with his lazy garble. As Jill notes, PP needs the money–like hella bad–but they also don’t need salacious media attacks so people can continue to politicize and scrutinize the very necessary services they provide.

In response to Planned Parenthood refusing the monies, Max’s manager is talking smack about Planned Parenthood. Which, for a group of guys that really wanted to show support for women’s access to health care, is a pretty bullshit move.

Jill writes,

…the accusation from Ryan Holiday that Planned Parenthood is letting “perception and moral superiority and BS politics get in the way of their real mission of helping people in need”? Planned Parenthood is constantly besieged by moral superiority and BS politics, which do impede their real mission of helping people in need. If Tucker Max wants to quit being a Grade-A Asshole, he could donate to Planned Parenthood anonymously (and still get the tax write-off). It wouldn’t score him big news stories or rehab his image — an image that has gotten him very very rich and is entirely of his own doing — but it would actually help people, without actively harming Planned Parenthood. But nah, instead his strategist posts a big Fuck You to PP on Forbes.

Tucker and Ryan, you actually want to help people by donating to Planned Parenthood? Then do it. But trying to bolster the career of a misogynist narcissist at the expense of an organization that is already teetering on the brink, and then crying foul — and attempting a public shaming– when the organization protects itself so that it can continue to provide much-needed help to people who need more fundamental assistance than a new image and a tax break? That’s disgusting and transparently self-serving. And doesn’t do much to counter the perception that Tucker Max and his team are, in fact, a bunch of total fucking shitbags.

Need more proof Max couldn’t care less about helping women with access to Planned Parenthood services–or that he thinks terrible things about women? Check out this tweet he subsequently deleted.



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