Mitt Romney thinks voters have no memory

Yesterday, in typical “post-primary step all over my victory with a gaffe” Mitt Romney fashion, Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s campaign spokesman told CNN that by the general election Romney will be able to “hit a reset button” and stated that it’s “almost like an etch-a-sketch you can kind of shake it up and start all over again.”


So Mitt Romney thinks that all of the “severely conservative” positions he’s taken during this long primary fight will just go away like the drawings on an etch-a-sketch? Certainly the Romney camp realizes that many of Romney’s most problematic positions–like saying he would get rid of Planned Parenthood–are all on video right?

It’s certainly interesting that the one candidate this year who has seemingly lacked any core values, and is often criticized for flip flopping on almost every important issue, thinks you can just erase the positions he has taken during this primary season. Swing voters are not likely to forget. Positions like “self-deportation” and “getting rid of” an essential organization to women’s health are not the types of things people forget.

Check out the DNC’s new web video attacking the etch-a-sketch line. With a list of so many serious issues that Romney’s flip flopped or held extreme positions on it’s pretty insulting that he thinks he can just get a do over so easily.

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