Infographic: Women still make less money!

If you’re one of those people worried about the collapse of traditional society and nostalgic for the days when women knew their place… you probably won’t be reading Feministing. But if you did, you’d be thrilled to see this infographic from The National Journal, showing that women make less than men — they even make up 44% of the workforce!


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    It’s true that women earn less than men, and that progress has stalled. But this graphic is very misleading, in two ways: (1) men have lost a lot more jobs than women in the recession, although this is correct that men have also gained more since it ended; and (2) by using nominal dollars (not adjusting for inflation), the graph makes the trend over time look like the gender gap is growing. See:

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    I know there is some sexism but these infographics don’t tell the whole story. You can’t just put everyone with a degree in one category. I am majoring in a business field and see way more guys in this field compared to other majors. The same goes for engineering, there’s way more guys in that field. Business grads and engineering grads are in much higher demand and will therefore receive a higher salary than someone from most other majors. Another thing to consider is how many more men choose to work overtime? Everywhere I’ve been at men volunteer to work over time more often which adds up with the extra 50% per hour. I’ve talked with female managers from companies in San Diego who say they only ask men if they want overtime because they are so used to none of the women wanting to work extra hours. I don’t think this is unique to San Diego.

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