Bad-Ass Woman of the Day: Nina Turner

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner is one bad-ass lady. Turner introduced Senate bill 307 that requires men who want a prescription for viagra to go see a sex therapist, get a cardiac stress test, and to get a signed affidavit from their sexual partner. Here, she insists that her bill is just as serious as the menz who introduce bullcrap legislation such as Ohio’s ridiculous heartbeat bill, “personhood” amendments, and transvaginal ultrasound bills. *pumps fist in solidarity*

Watch her lay it down.

Via Jessica.

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  • Smiley

    Is this really the way to go?

    See who can come up with the silliest proposal? Really?

    I mean, if one side wants to claim moral superiority, it does not help the cause if it jumps into the gutter with the opponents.

    (And in this case, what happens if it is accepted?! She’ll look pretty stupid, won’t she?)

    Further, if politicians want to regain the respect of their fellow citizens, then playing little games of tit-for-tat isn’t going to work.

    Sorry, Nina, wrong move.

    • Christine

      The insanity of making hoops for women to jump through seems to fall on deaf ears. If that is how they feel women should be treated, seeing goose gander laws may open their eyes.

      All of these OVER 40 men will NOT like the hoops created to the drug of their choice. maybe then they will see what they are suggesting women tolerate.

      If not, then BOTH sexes can be humiliated with ridiculous requirements in order to obtain health care. .. OR they can say we agree – women should not be subjected to such degrading laws.

  • F.Toth

    I see your point.

    If it is accepted, though, she won’t look silly. She will have achieved parity.

    I can’t think of a better way to show how invasive the attacks on women’s health and privacy have been than to waste similar tax dollars and time on an attack on men’s health and privacy.

    • Christine

      @ F.Toth


  • Maya

    I can see the point of this but I still feel like it’s the wrong move. I realize that in reality that always acting on principle sometimes won’t work, but I feel like this does more to fuel the argument that feminists are out to take away men’s rights than anything else.

    I would support something like this being passed around the public sphere to prove a point and make people realize what they are trying (and succeeding) at taking away from women. And maybe the only way to get the media’s attention is for someone in the government to do so. But it seems like actually proposing the bill is one step too far, unless perhaps everything were organized ahead of time, and publicly so that Turner could make a point when the bill doesn’t pass.

    But this doesn’t feel as planned, I don’t think she’ll be catching anyone with their wording about government making medical decisions or infringing on men’s rights. I’m betting other people will do that, and this bill will become an isolated event that doesn’t achieve much.

    I also wish someone were calling the media to talk about other issues than social rights. For a country whose president so greatly affects the rest of the world, its citizens vote on extremely local things that often the president never takes into action anyways. (ex: he may support gay marriage but does very little to make it happen).