#HugGate: President Obama hugs another black person, Right Wing freaks out

Before his death, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart alluded to video tape of President Obama from his college years which would change the outcome of the 2012 election.  In an effort to “vet” the president, Breitbart said the tape would prove President Obama is and has always been a radical.

Yesterday, Breitbart’s site released the tape which was first scooped by BuzzFeed before the big reveal on Hannity last night: It shows a very eloquent Barack Obama, law student, president of the Harvard Law Review, hugging…wait for it….Professor Derrick Bell at a campus protest.

According, to the Breitbart folks Professor Bell is “the Jeremiah Wright of academia.”  They cite his allegory “The Space Traders” as an example of his radical views but I’m guessing they didn’t get it or know what an allegory is.  “The Space Traders” is a fictional story where whites sell black Americans to space aliens to pay off the national debt. Imagine, a world where black people are sold?! Oh, wait…

Clearly, this is the manifesto of a rabid racist who has brainwashed Barack Obama!

At the protest in the video, Professor Bell, the first tenured black law professor at Harvard, and students including Barack Obama were speaking out and showing their support for Bell who was taking an unpaid leave to protest the fact that there were no law professors of color with tenure at Harvard.  In part, the protest was about the fact that Harvard Law School would not give tenure to more women and specifically women of color.  According to the Breitbart ilk, racial equality is radical.  Equal opportunity and the observation that white privilege and supremacy are still problematic in America is apparently controversial although I must have missed that memo.

If the right wing wants to paint the amazing Professor Bell with the “radical” brush then let them try.  There will be plenty of Harvard grads and other supporters mobilized to come out in his defense (since he passed away last year and cannot come out in his own defense).

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