McDonnell signs Virginia ultrasound bill

Despite tremendous outcry, all over the internet and on the steps of the Virginia capital–woman-hater Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed the ultrasound bill in Virginia into law. If you are seeking an abortion in Virginia you are required to have an ultrasound. And they may have backed down from making a transvaginal ultrasound mandatory–but there are many reasons this bill is still a medically unnecessary, invasion of privacy. 

What conservatives argue is necessary for women to have all the information (like they don’t know they are pregnant and if they don’t have an abortion they will have a child) to make an informed decision, we know is a tactic to shame women out of having abortions. Virginia is the 8th state in the country that is now requiring ultrasounds.

Thank you Bob McDonnell for letting us know on International Women’s Day that you think women are wombs that should be committed to making children and those that defy this role should be punished, violated and shamed.

Actually, no–fuck you, Bob McDonnell.

Gif via Ann Friedman–who created the best round-up you will click on for IWD.

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  • Jennifer

    I can’t help but wonder if the timing of this was planned to add an extra “fuck you” to this law passing.

    • Trillion

      I wonder that myself Jennifer.

  • Trillion

    You know they will defend the bill by saying the woman in question does not have to look. The whole point of the ultrasound is to shame the woman getting the abortion. Abortion is not shameful, it is responsible action.

  • Roselyn Stewart

    I consider myself to be a feminist, but also a mother. What about the women whom have an ectopic pregnancy? I don’t see any sense in objecting to something that the clinics do on a regular basis anyways.. Don’t get me wrong, I hate government interference in our lives. I am utterly against big government. I am also a constitutionalist and so feel that it should be up to the individual states to make these laws. I feel that this law is in place to protect women’s health.

  • Brüno

    What methods are available to determine the age of the fetus, that do not require Ultrasound?

    • larastar

      Pretty much just going by her last period. It`s not entirely accurate though – timing of ovulation isn`t the same for everyone, and the woman could be mistaken when she had her last period. Timing does`t help determine ectopic pregnancy, multiples, etc…

  • larastar

    Am I missing something? I thought having an ultrasound is essential to doing the correct procedure – they need to know where the pregnancy is located, and how big the embryo is. When I last read about the “mandatory ultrasound” I thought that part of the law, the BIG part that is unnecessary, is that the women is required to look at it. However this isn`t mentioned at all here so I wonder if I misunderstood it the first time around, or that the poster missed this crucial point.

    “transvaginal ultrasound mandatory–” I feel that THIS is unnecessary. Unless they cannot get the information they need from an ultrasound done externally, this should not be required – some women could feel violated, and could trigger victims.

    • Brüno

      If it is necessary for the procedure, there is no need to put it into law. Is it necessary, to determine the age of the fetus for example, or not?

      • larastar

        “If it is necessary for the procedure, there is no need to put it into law.”
        That`s true, that is what I don`t understand. Like I said, I thought the main point of the law was that the women was required to look at the ultrasound, but I may be mistaken. I`ll look into it.

        “Is it necessary, to determine the age of the fetus for example, or not?”
        Fetal age needs to be determined because at different stages of the pregnancy, different methods of abortion is done. If the pregnancy is too early, you may not be able to have an abortion, or there are other options available than D & C (with a vaccum, which is 4-16 weeks I belive…?) You can do early abortions using a syringe and suction method (Manual Vacuum Aspiration – however finding a place that does this is extremely limited) or abortion via pill can be an option (medical). Also it can rule out eptopic pregnancy as a previous poster pointed out. Later pregnancies sometimes require more than one day – medication the day before suction, cervical preparation, etc…

        An ultrasound will determaine what`s the best procedure and care for the woman.