McDonnell signs Virginia ultrasound bill

Despite tremendous outcry, all over the internet and on the steps of the Virginia capital–woman-hater Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed the ultrasound bill in Virginia into law. If you are seeking an abortion in Virginia you are required to have an ultrasound. And they may have backed down from making a transvaginal ultrasound mandatory–but there are many reasons this bill is still a medically unnecessary, invasion of privacy. 

What conservatives argue is necessary for women to have all the information (like they don’t know they are pregnant and if they don’t have an abortion they will have a child) to make an informed decision, we know is a tactic to shame women out of having abortions. Virginia is the 8th state in the country that is now requiring ultrasounds.

Thank you Bob McDonnell for letting us know on International Women’s Day that you think women are wombs that should be committed to making children and those that defy this role should be punished, violated and shamed.

Actually, no–fuck you, Bob McDonnell.

Gif via Ann Friedman–who created the best round-up you will click on for IWD.

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