Because it’s Friday, let’s look at amazing photos

Let’s take a moment to marvel at the beauty and wonder of our world.

Not to get too emo on you, darling feminists, but I’ve just gotten done posting about racism, sexism and sexual violence in war and conflict. And the past few weeks have brought a reinvigorated assault on women’s health care. So, let’s take a minute and marvel. I bring you some of the photos from the Smithsonian’s 9th Annual Photo Contest. Enjoy:

a boy's face and a row of feet sticking out of green algee
Village boys relaxing

Nimai Chandra Ghosh (Kolkata, India)
Photographed November 2009, West Bengal, India

a snowy landscape
Steam from Mammoth Hot Springs

Steven Ross (Nixa, Missouri)
Photographed October 2009, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

a bird catching a fish in its beek
An anhinga emerges to swallow his dinner

Savannah Whitwam (Jacksonville, FL)
Photographed June 2011, Jacksonville, FL

a dog looking down out a window
Dog watching tourists on the street

Peter Jacobson (Dresher, Pennsylvania)
Photographed August 2009, Ketchikan, Alaska

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