The Daily Caller: Rachel Maddow obsessed with vaginas

Vagina: The word itself makes some men uncomfortable

Yes, I’m totally recycling this brilliant GIF Maya posted yesterday; it’s just too fitting.

Apparently The Daily Caller needs some ear muffs for their delicate sensibilities around the word “vagina.”

I’m not giving any linkage to this ridiculousness, but had to share the deets: there’s a piece featured on their front page today titled, “MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow’s new favorite word: ‘Vaginal’.” Over the course of 10 days while the recent Virginia transvaginal ultrasound legislation controversy was happening, not only did the author take time in his busy job delivering the news to track the number of times Maddow mentioned, “vagina” or “vaginal” during her show, but also ended up incorporating it into a fucking video montage. Wait, who’s obsessed with the word?

The one thing the piece manages to get right is that Maddow was one of the key influencers whose coverage resulted in the bill being amended (yet sadly passed anyway, just less extreme) — but let’s focus on the real issue at hand here: Rachel Maddow likes to say the word “vagina” everyone! (Not to mention I’m sure they didn’t anticipate the extent of homophobic vitriol to come out of their reader community. Not a bit.)

So what would have been better, guys? The Virginia transvajajay ultrasound bill?

h/t Amanda.

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  • toongrrl

    What is wrong with being obsessed with vaginas? I have one and I know I have to take care of it.
    Also leave my beautiful, intelligent, Rachel alone!

  • Stella

    WTF! Now not only do we need to submit to state mandated medical rape, but we are not allowed to talk about it? I think all the women of the country would have been all too glad NEVER to discuss the prospect of being forced to submit to unwanted medical penetration. Who put the issue on the table again? Oh right, Republican legislators.

  • michelle-j

    I despise the word vajayjay with every fiber of my being. It’s ridiculous, and it sounds so childish when grown women go around saying it. You don’t hear bunches of men calling their penis “wee wee” “winky dinky” or anything else that sounds like a telletubbie, so why in gods name to we need some ridiculous nickname for our lady parts. I blame Oprah and the Kardashians.

  • Sarah

    I propose a youtube video campaign intended as a tutorial about how to get over vaginaphobia. Step one: saying the word vagina.