Virginia transvaginal ultrasound bill delayed after a thousand protest outside capitol

After a thousand people stood arm in arm outside of the Virginia state capitol in protest yesterday, the legislature decided to delay a vote on the highly controversial state-sanctioned rape bill that would require doctors to perform a medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound on individuals seeking an abortion.

This comes after a poll was just released revealed that 55% of voters in Virginia oppose the bill. Meanwhile, Gov. McDonnell’s spokesperson recently gave some indication the governor may be backing away from the bill (after previously saying it was a sure thing). But I’m not convinced of anything until this bill is good and dead, which it certainly is not. Not yet, at least.

And in the meantime, we find that Republicans are currently pushing a similar bill to Virginia’s in Pennsylvania.

It seems that 2011’s abysmal year of abortion restrictions is giving anti-choice legislators the confidence to take the heinousness up a notch in 2012 — between “personhood” bills and now state-mandated sexual assault (all on top of the birth control debacle), true colors can’t get any clearer to voters. And as you can see in the pic above, I think — I hope — it’s waking people up.

Pic via, thx to Jessica.

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