Anti-choice org on Planned Parenthood: Like drug dealers, but with sex

It’s truly hard to digest how hilarious this video is from the American Life League on Planned Parenthood and their “agenda” to lure your children into sex addiction with candy penis pops and vagina fruit roll-ups so they can sell them abortions and birth control. The gateway drug? Masturbation.

I repeat, folks — this is not a parody video.

*Fans air* Whoowee! I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me hotter than vulva puppets, vagina macaroons and cartoon penises. (Seriously though, I do kind of want a macaroon now.)

These people never cease to amaze.

Via. Thx to Morgan for the heads up.

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  • Chad

    This is so close to a parody of itself – it makes it just that much more disturbing.

  • Aly Brown

    I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry…

  • Ian Borsuk

    There’s too many AMAZING quotes in this video. I don’t know whether I want to find this hilarious or extremely sad.

  • Erin

    If only VOX meetings at my university had been that exciting. Most of the time we just discussed repro-rights and occasionally tabled. Oh, but we did pass out condoms. What deviance!

  • Marissa

    Was this video utterly ridiculous, asinine, and insulting? Absolutely. Know what it also was? Closed-captioned. Automatically. Without anyone having to ask for it, the American Life League put captions on their videos.

    I find everything they stand for reprehensible, but I have to ask myself — why are they doing miles better on accessibility than our progressive organizations, which rarely if ever caption their video releases?

  • Ariel

    Are all the things in this video true? I don’t mean the masturbation as a drug crap or stupid things like that. But other things, like no pants parties, cartoons like that for kids.
    I’m all for sex positive stuff and normalizing/making sex a non-taboo subject. But some of those seem… stupid. Or taking away from sex as something that carry’s any importance in this world. Like making it something robotic and unemotional. (Also I agree on the who pantless party easily =ing date rape. It’s not exactly the best idea in this culture.)

  • John

    I would think that masturbation would be ideal in stopping unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Maybe American Life League is worried that Planned Parenthood isn’t teaching the kids to wash their hands before and after.

  • doniree

    There is so much wrong with this, but my favorite part is when he talks about high school “the same time that kids are hitting puberty.” Umm… it’s different for everyone, sure, but doesn’t puberty often start/hit in junior high? Scary stuff, though I’m with you and want a macaroon now :)

  • Tara

    Apparently only women can have STDs… this video is appalling and that guy should be ashamed for making it.

  • Zoe

    I cannot say this enough: abortion or birth control- you can be against one, not both. Pick a fucking side.

  • Sarah

    So 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD? Does that mean no boys have them, or does that just not matter because they’re boys?

  • Jessica

    LOL. Wow, these people never cease to amaze me. At all. It’s pretty funny. Even the young man mispronounced orgasm as ‘organism’ when he was talking. Did anyone else notice that besides me?

    Man, these people can sure lie and take things out of context to suit their own agendas. This young boy told straight up lies about Planned Parenthood and sex education. But, what else is new with these people?

  • Malaise

    Yes, obviously the grave sin of providing contraception to millions of women is done by PP because they love abortions. There’s certainly no way that contraception might, I don’t know, prevent the need for an abortion in any way.

    One really does have to wonder though: Does anyone in charge of producing these videos actually believe this crap? Or do they all know it’s nonsense but figure it’ll rile the troops?

  • Megan

    There are no words…seriously…cause they have nothing better to do?

  • Cayce Arnett

    He’s portraying sex as if it were something new that people must be introduced to, not something that’s a natural part of being a human being. The whole video is about how sex is wrong and genitalia should be obscene. I can’t decide whether to laugh or pull my hair out in frustration…

  • Sarah

    Wow, who needs context in an argument against a life-saving organization like Planned Parenthood, amirite? Also, for an organization like ALL that clearly thinks sex is evil, shameful, dirty and wrong, that video was kinda sexy. The content at least. The message seemed (to me) to be: “Look at this awesome stuff! Isn’t it awful?”

  • Anjasa

    This was just amazing. I had no idea Planned Parenthood was so insidious! The more you know!

  • Ruby Ryder

    Here is a link that works for the video:

  • BalancingJane

    I wanted to show my husband this video because it was HILARIOUS, but it was taken down. I went snooping to see if I could find it anywhere else and got an error message when I clicked on the page with it on American Life League’s website. Then I saw that Catholic News Agency is reporting that YouTube pulled the video because of its content, using this as evidence that the content was bad (cause, you know Planned Parenthood is the one who put the content out and is evil incarnate): (

    I find it very unlikely that YouTube removed this video for content issues, especially since it is also removed from the ALL page. I’m thinking they realized that much of the rest of the world doesn’t share their narrow view on sex and took it down themselves as they became a bigger and bigger joke.

  • Ululator

    It was taken down so I found a mirror for you all. Keep spreading it!