Valentine’s Day infographics reveal sharp increase in spending and…infographics

In a very meta way, the Romantic-Industrial Complex is putting a lot of time, money and energy into cutesey infographics demonstrating how much time, money and energy we put into cutesy commercial and materialistic expressions of Valentine’s Day. I should do an infographic on it, but I don’t have the time, money or energy to do so. So, I’ll just show you them. presents

Monetate, which brings you “marketing optimization technology and conversion experts enable marketers to deliver the ultimate customer experience with unprecedented agility” also brings you this gem.
V-day Retail Infogaphic, the online marketplace for unique jewelry, bags and accessories from top independent designers around the world, has released an infographic showing the various purchasing habits of its male customers globally ahead of Valentine’s Day.”

MBC online shares the economics of Valentine’s Day:
Valentine's Day

Pronto, which searches all the stores “so you don’t have to” knows what women really want

by Pronto.

CreditCardsCanada wants to know how you celebrate love. But more than that, it wants to tell you how you celebrate love.

Antavo, which sells technology tools for online marketers to reach customers, shows marketers how to spend money on Valentine’s Day:

antavo-valentines-day-for-marketers antavo-valentines-day-for-marketers.png