#Occupyvday: Love, protest, movies and whiskey

It’s a little bit ironic–I have committed my last year to writing about how relationships and the romantic industrial complex are given too much import in the lives of women and this move has made Valentine’s Day a mega event in my own life. I have spent so much time focusing on how we can rethink the problematic ideas embedded in the romantic story as perpetuated by corporate Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day, I have forgotten if I used to get upset about actually being alone on Valentine’s Day. I’m going to take this as not just a sign of progress , but also a sign that for many people it’s not that big of a deal to be alone on Valentine’s Day. It’s mainly just a little bit annoying in the face of the monstrosity that is consumer culture on American holidays. Also, it is another opportunity to do some cool stuff.

Occupy Valentine’s Day has been a hit–it turns out I was right–a lot of people don’t appreciate a holiday that is used to judge the state of their romantic affairs. If you haven’t contributed–you should. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I hope to make #occupyvday a trending topic on the big day. Help me do that.

Also, if you are in New York, there will be a an occupy v day party and a lot of awesome feminists are going to be there. If you don’t live in the area have your own party and post pictures!

Or…join us for a virtual film screening!

This Valentine’s Day there will be a virtual screening of Nancy Schwartzman’s new film Xoxosms on Ustream followed by a panel of awesome people including, Twanna Hines who runs FunkyBrownChick.com, Lena Chen from SexandtheIvy.com, Melanie Wallner and Shreshth Dugar from DateMySchool.com, Melissa Gira Grant author of Coming and Crying and myself. Join us!

In Xoxosms, film maker Nancy Schwartzman looks at how love can flourish in online environments but asks the question if these loving relationships can be sustained in real life in her awesome short film. In a new generation where technology has brought us into closer communication with people and we can sometimes reinvent ourselves–how has this impacted our intimate relationships?

Bask in the irony of not caring about Valentine’s day but caring about what you do on Valentine’s day by joining us for any and all of these awesome events.

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