Women’s Professional Soccer Leagues suspends 2012 season

Sad news for fans of women’s soccer today. After ongoing legal and financial troubles, the WPS announced that it will skip the 2012 season in an attempt to resolve the challenges and come back stronger in 2013.

Maya wrote about these challenges over at Mother Jones in December, when the WPS narrowly avoided a shutdown.

It’s obvious that women’s sports face serious financial challenges in comparison to men’s sports–both from lost revenue in regards to ticket sales, and likely endorsements as well.

I grew up in what was considered a women’s soccer mecca–Chapel Hill North Carolina, the home of UNC-CH and a great women’s college soccer team. I never played soccer, but I saw the impact the sport had on girls growing up around me. It’s an incredible asset to girls development, and not having a professional league seriously impacts the overall future of the sport.

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